testicle(s) jamie.
Just did a flipping 11 hour shift, today has been long butt I killed it, HOME THYME.


marceline design

I have a print available of this design on my society 6society6.com/laurenmoranany bumps would be appreciated!

Anonymous asked: Would you want to start something serious with this girl?

I dunno, maybe, I guess only time will tell, I’m not sure I’m in a place for something serious just yet myself, relationships are hard work and I don’t think I’m in a place emotionally to deal with the amount of work they take if you know what I mean? I dunno, I’m just a bit fucked in the head and what not I guess, serious relationships kinda scare me a bit, because when you make something official that’s when it’s really in danger of being ruined, yeah, I feel like I’ve kind of babbled a bit too much but I dunno, it’s just all a bit much to think about rn. you seem very interested in my personal life anon, I don’t get why, I’m not very interesting ;o

Anonymous asked: do you have any other form of social media?

I do indeed! :D

Anonymous asked: curiosity is a fine yet mysterious thing! What do you do together then, if it lacks the official relationship status

You’re all about the mystery aren’t you? Hang out, have fun, do stuff, I dunno we just jam and that, it’s nice :)

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