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Anonymous said: Hello! I was just looking through the HMV tag and saw that you recently had an interview with them! I've got a group interview with them next week and was wondering if you could tell me the stuff the asked/what to expect etc. It's would be my first job if I get it and I would be so grateful! Did they tell you to write a 100 word review on something that they sell?

hey stranger, yeah, that’s fine, ill tell u everything i can! i had a group interview too, it started out with going around the group and everyone giving their name, previous retail experience, favourite cd, film and game and a funny story about yourself, the interviewers both told stories that involved meeting celebrities so i decided to follow suit with mine and they seemed to enjoy it! next they asked what our best and worst retail experiences in the past have been, i literally made up both of them because i honestly couldnt think of one for either, we were also asked why we wanted to work for hmv, i just told them about my love for the company and how ive been looking for a job their for the past 7 years blah blah blah and we were asked apart from music, films and gaming what other hobbies do we have outside of work, after that we were all handed a sheet of paper with a few questions on it, apparently the interviewers wrote this up themselves so i dont kno if u can expect similar questions if they do this with u but, just in case, the questions i can remember were as follows (not necessarily in order) who won the oscar for best actor this year? and name two films he was in, name 3 kevin spacey films, name 2 albums released in 2014, name 3 headphone brands that hmv sell, name 2 games consoles that hmv sell, what tv show is the character “the fonz” from? and then there was a question asking how many films certain franchises comprise of e.g. harry potter, the hunger games, aliens, pirates of the caribbean and the godfather (i think that was all of them) oh yeah and u had to name 3 beatles albums too! after going through all the questions together once everyone had filled out their sheets we moved onto the last exercise, there had been a pile of stuff from the store in the middle of the floor for the entire interview (dvds, a game, cds, books, some headphones etc.) and we each had to pick an item, sell it to the interviewers and recommend something to go along with it, make sure to take ur time picking the right thing so u can sell it effectively, i myself chose the dark knight trilogy and noticed that still on the floor after everyone had chosen their product was a sin city dvd that had a sticker that said “2.99 with any purchase” on it, so after id tried selling my item, i picked that dvd up and offered it to them highlighting the offer that was on and explaining why this would be a perfect partner purchase to go along with batman! i didnt have to write a review, no and from what i read online before my interview i hadnt heard of anyone having to in the past either, so hopefully u wont have to as well! overall the atmosphere was really relaxed and fun, ive heard that in the past theyve asked people who their favourite superhero is and why and also who would play u in a film and why, so perhaps have a ponder on that too! my best advice is just be really chatty and outgoing, have fun with it and u should be golden, thats what i did and i got myself a job, so i cant have done too bad! hopefully what ive told u will help, if theres anything that i havent answered then feel free to ask, im glad to help if i can and good luck with the interview, i hope u get it, please do tell me if u do, im rooting for u whoever u are!!

Anonymous said: Sorry you're feeling down, dawwwwg. You really seem like a great person judging from you blog posts. Cheeeers-

thank u very much stranger, im sure ill feel better soon, just ickkkk, lifes hard ykno? glad u think that and ur enjoyin the content, it means a lot


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